Step 4: Choose, Customize, and Localize Evidence-based Programs

Now that you've done all the prep work, it's time to choose and customize a specific evidence-based program (EBP) [definition]. An EBP is a health promotion or communication program that has been:

  • found to be effective,
  • implemented with a specific group, and
  • tested through formal evaluation.

In Step 4a, you'll choose an EBP that:

  • is driven by your goals and objectives,
  • meets the needs of your community, and
  • matches the resources available to you and your partners.

In Step 4b, you'll customize and localize (adapt) your chosen EBP for your community.

The activities in Steps 4a and 4b are both extremely important. The more thorough you can be at this point, the more you'll get back from your time and investments.

Ready to get started?